What is Climic?

Climic is a community for integrative medicine practitioners (AYUSH Doctors). We welcome practitioners of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy to participate and be a part of this growing community.

What does Climic mean?

Climic translates to a Clinic for Integrative Medicine Practitioners. It provides a chamber for practitioners to discuss their practice without judgment or inhibitions.

What is Climic’s mission and vision?

Climic aims to bring the entire community of Integrative Medicine together for the promotion and preservation of traditional medicine. Climic not just enables collaboration among practitioners, but also corporates, government agencies, institutes, organizations that are a part of the integrative medicine industry so they can together promote the science and benefit from each other’s insights, learning’s and suggestions.

Climic provides practitioners with an insulated environment to have discussions, divergent clinical opinions, learn from experts, and be heard by other stakeholders in the industry.

What needs does Climic address?

Integrative medicine faces the challenges of linguistics as well as logistics. People across the world are taught and practice traditional medicine in different languages; at the same time learning’s in one part of the world don’t travel because of lack of publishing and documentation. Climic provides the option of communicating in any language and facilitates translations into commonly spoken vernaculars so that information is relevant and usable for all.

At the same time, Climic prevents the loss of information owing to logistic barriers by curating featured content from across the globe, and covering conferences and CMEs that are relevant but inaccessible.

How is Climic different from other medical websites and social media?

The new crop of medical social media sites, all suit a different purpose. Some are for employment, some are doctor directories, others are doctor consultation platforms for patients. Climic is focused on the members of the integrative medicine community to encourage interaction, engagement, conversations, and proliferation of knowledge.

How is membership restricted?

All members of Climic have timelines to submit details for verification, ensuring that interactions are limited to qualified practitioners and Climic approved partners. Misrepresentation is dealt with strictly and results in permanent expulsion from the community.