This Is How You Can Help Your Brain Run Faster

Sharp brain function is an endurance benefit. Memory demands for school and college children are much greater than they are for adults, as adults have already acquired much of the knowledge and skills which are needed to function day to day. For adults, the knowledge base for some areas such as technology, changes rapidly. The new information is generally highly specific and builds on existing knowledge. While on the contrary, school and college children are continually bombarded with new knowledge in multiple topic areas in which they may or may not be interested.


But for both students and adults, modern day gadgets have resulted in less use of grey cells and over reliance on digital platforms where information can easily be found and stored.

Brain supplements


Every brain is different, every individual has their own brain capacity. Many people experience deficit in registering information in short-term memory, often have difficulty remembering instructions or directions they have just been given, what was just said during conversations and class lectures and conversations, and what they just read. People who have difficulty with working memory often forget what they are doing while doing it normally.


For instance, if they have a task of three steps, they forget the second and third steps while carrying out the first step. While reading a paragraph or a news article, they may forget what was at the beginning of it by the time they get to the end of the paragraph.


Feeling stressed, misremembering small things, entering a room with an idea which vanishes while reaching the desk, are the most common issues. These issues are making people helpless and throwing them to take depression medication.


Brain supplements


You can help improve this executive function of your brain with this revolutionary brain boosting supplements.


Cureveda Brain Boost contains Brahmi & Mulethi which work synergistically to help improve the power of recollection and nourish the nervous system. Brahmi helps to improve concentration. Liquorice (Mulethi) is a mental rejuvenator that helps to support analytical & cognitive abilities.

The internationally recommended dosage of Bacopa monneiri is 300mg of an extract containing 55% bacosides – active ingredient responsible for memory support. Superior extract of Brahmi has been used to ensure that this dosage is met in a single tablet.

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