Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Depression

Stress is good if it motivated and keep alert to you, but it’s bad if it wears down. Many factor responsible for the stress and stress can cause changes in our body that affect our overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Depression is more serious and long lasting  than  stress. Too much stress may leads to major depression.

Sustain or chronic stress ,in particular leads to elevated hormones that affects on biological process like sleep, appetite, energy, and sex drive.

Causes of stress are major life changes, relationship difficulty, financial problem, inability to accept uncertinity, negative self talk, problems related to family and children, Chronic illness etc.

If we get stressed frequently as many of us do in today ‘s demanding world. Our body may be in a heightened state of stress most of the time and that can leads to serious health problems. Chronic stress disturbs nearly every system in our body. It suppress our immune system, upset your digestive and reproductive system, incresse the risk of heart attack and stroke, and speed up the aging prosess.

Go the Ayurveda way to keep away stress, anxiety and depression. The harbs jatamansi, sarpagandha, brahmi, vacha & Shankhpushpi are very effective I condition of disturbed mind. They strengthen the nervous system so that the body con handle added levels of tension and stress and restore normal mental condition.




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