Weight management

Weight manegnent

In todays fast life obesity is a huge problem. Our lifestyle including fast food,not eating quality food. Not have proper time schedule for eating &sleeping. Lack of workout is also affects this. Obesity may leads to various bad effect on body. We can suffer many problem like diabetis, heart diseases in early age. Obesity also effects onour daily lifestyle. In young women obesity may leads to pcod which cause infertility in women. obeys person tired soon. Due to obesity life become unpleasant, lazy. which affects on our social & personal growth. Following ayurveda one should stay away from obesity. Appling rule described in ayurveda obeys person  should  reduce their weight as well as  one should maintain  their weight in proportion which is required according to height. Ayurveda also have solution for low weight. ayurneda have product like guggule  which reduces excessive body wt.