Ayurveda-modern integration still a problem area

Published Jan 6, 2018, 2:55 am IST
Updated Jan 6, 2018, 2:55 am IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The traditional rivalry between allopathy and AYUSH came out in the open yet again after National Medical Commission’s controversial proposal on starting a bridge course for Indian System of Medicine doctors enabling them to practise modern medicine.

The proposal faced widespread opposition from doctors across the country who felt that allowing ISM people to practise modern medicine on the strength of a bridge course will destroy allopathy sector.

While the proposal is seen as a direct intrusion into their work sphere and also a move to provide dual registration, even proposals in the past for integration of the two system for patient care had met with strong opposition from modern medicine doctors.

Nearly two decades ago RCC began a unique experiment of integration of modern medicine with ayurveda for cancer care. Padma Shri Vaidya Balendu Prakash who was also member of physicians panel of former President late K. R. Narayanan had set up an Ayurveda Research Unit at the RCC for scientifically validating ayurveda medicines for cancer care.

Under the collaborative project, the RCC was to refer patients to the research unit at regular intervals. The Centre provided space and facilities for conducting tests to check the effectiveness of ayurveda medicines on patients. While the Centre had assured to refer more than 100 patients to the unit who gave prior consent for the treatment modality, the number of people referred was very less. Later serious differences cropped up between the research unit and RCC doctors which led to the premature closure of the Unit.

Another attempt was made in 2013-14 when RCC launched an exclusive programme aimed at integrating ayurveda with modern medicine. Doctors at the RCC said ayurveda drugs gave positive results with more patients expressing willingness to seek alternative mode of treatment. However, this project too could not go forward.

The RCC authorities said the project was not stopped because of differences. The death of project officer created a void following which the initiative came to an end.

Source: Ayurveda-modern integration still a problem area

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