Indore: Ayurveda expert shares fundamentals of human body with patients

By Staff Reporter | Dec 16, 2017 08:54 am

Indore: Helping people heal from diseases and finding balance in body, a two-day ‘Ayurvedic and Nadi examination camp’ was organised at Art of Living Panchkarma centre on Friday. Ayurveda expert Dr Lokesh Raturi attended patients and answered general curiosity of people about Ayurveda during the camp. Discussing principles of the science, he talked about fundamentals of a human body.

“Human body is made of five elements– – – ‘prithvi’ (earth element), vayu (air element), ‘aakash’ (space element), ‘dharti’ (soil element) and ‘jaal’ (water element). And there are three elements– ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’– present in our body that balance the basic five elements,” Raturi explained. “Imbalance of these three elements causes disease in human body, both physical and mental,” Raturi said.

Giving details on how Ayurveda helps in balancing life and staying healthy, Raturi said, “According to Ayurveda, there are 20 types of ‘prameha’ out of which four are ruled by ‘Vata’, six by ‘Pitta’ and ten by ‘Kapha’.” He explained that balancing each individual’s body vary according to their body type.

Sharing his experience, patient Girish Sharma said, “I had a good experience of Ayurveda and the entire philosophy is based on Indian sciences.” He hoped to find relief through the advised changes and medicines in his treatment. “My personal choice is never to go for medicines that drug or harm my body. I am hoping that these medicines and changes would work on balancing my body to stay healthy,” he added.

Talking about what she discovered about the ancient tradition, patient Priyanka said, “I came to know about my nature and its shortcomings through Ayurveda.” She elaborated that being too stuck up and holding onto past hurdles her life. “Doctor also gave me treatment that would relieve my stress and problem,” she added.

Discussing the treatment, organiser Dinesh Surana said, “Home remedies and balance in body help in staying healthy, not just simply well.” His personal experience with Ayurveda has been positive and that motivates him to promote the same.

Source: Indore: Ayurveda expert shares fundamentals of human body with patients

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