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  • Child Health
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  • Cough and Cold
  • Energy & Vitality
  • General Debility
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  • Immunity Support
  • Attention deficit
  • Acidity
  • Digestive Health
  • Low memory
  • Constipation
  • Gas/ Flatulence
  • Low appetite
  • Recurrent Tonsillitis
  • Beauty enhancement
  • Brain, Neuro & Memory health
  • Concentration problems

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Child Health

Shop Ayurvedic Remedies for Child Health

Children are delicate in nature.  Mostly they suffers many infective disease. Also they often do not eat adequately or properly. That’s why they  have lack of immunity. We have opportunity to develop our child’s memory in childhood because this is the best age for this. Ayurveda provide  natural source of calcium, iron. Children mostly suffer from worm infection. Ayurveda has herbs like Vidang and Palashbeej for expelling worms. For low concentration ayurveda has herbs like shankhpushpi. For recurrent infection like cough & cold ayurveda has leading solutions. Most important all ayurvedic solutions are natural, and non habit forming causing no harm to your child and bringing long lasting answers to health problems.

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