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Hair & Skin Health

Shop Natural Organic and Herbal Supplements Online for Hair & Skin Health

Natural organic herbs are globally identified and recognized for their active properties to rejuvenate hair and skin. Aloe vera and neem are two commonly used ingredients in cosmetic shampoos and personal care products. However, for the best natural herbal hair treatment, the medicinal oil Mahabhringraj is the obvious leader. Free of any color and scent it provides nutrition from several herbs to prevent hair fall, rejuvenates hair growth, reduces hair whitening, and help in the regrowth of hair. Organic herbal remedies for skin are also not limited to beauty products but extend to blood purifiers which can reach the root cause and rid you of acne, options for diseases like psoriasis, oils for skin tightening, reduction of discolouration. Made from purely natural ingredients these herbal treatments for hair and skin are not polluted by synthetic ingredients. Make an informed choice when you choose your herbal product!

Skin is the largest organ of our body. Everyone wants healthy, glowing skin. Today’s environment, our lifestyle, food habits affect skin health that causes various skin diseases. For example, psoriasis is a common disease in which Symptoms include flaking, inflammation, and thick, white, silver, or red patches of skin. Aloe vera, neem, Guggulu are some example of supportive treatment for psoriasis. Most people report the problem of allergic skin like urticaria (itching with red patches on the skin). haridrakhand is the best remedy for this. According to Ayurveda skin diseases are mostly due to impure pitta & blood. Ayurveda has blood purifier like mangishta, sariva, khadir etc. Ayurveda has oils & Malham for external use as well and oral remedies Dermatitis, pimples/acne, pigmentation are common skin problems which can be managed by Ayurveda.

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