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Heart Health

Shop Ayurvedic Products Online for Heart Health

In the past decade it has been observed that people suffer from heart problems at an early age. Factor responsible for heart problem are unhealthy food habit, lack of exercise, sleeping late at night, eat fast food having lots of calories & excessive fat with little exercise. Problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides , tiredness, palpitation, breathlessness develop at a younger age than before. According to the Indian Heart Association, “50% of all heart attacks in Indians occur under 50 years of age and 25% of all heart attacks in Indians occur under 40 years of age. Population living in cities are three times more prone to heart attacks than people living in villages”. Certain ayurvedic products provide very good supportive treatment in heart problem. Ayurveda have herbs like Arjuna and arjunarishta which is an excellent tonic in heart problem. Opt for ayurveda & live life with a healthy heart.

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