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Lung Health

Shop Natural Organic and Herbal Supplements Online for Lung Health & Asthma

From ayurvedic point of view, respiratory system is a very complicated and delicate network that carries and supplies oxygen and Prana (the vital life force) that we receive from lungs to tissues to organs. Even after being an important organ, we often don’t consider the role our lungs play in keeping us strong. Many factors including genetics, smoking, pollutants, allergic irritants and infectious disease can cause lungs to develop problems and age faster. air pollution and chemicals at home and workplace worsen the lung problems. Natural herbal treatment of respiratory problems suggests an intake of Kapha reducing diet, intake of herbs, lifestyle change and yoga. Organic herbal treatment of asthma, bronchitis, copd etc. which leads to breathing difficulty, continuous cough, irritability is a safe and herbal option to be explored. Also since occurrence of asthma is common among children, Ayurveda is a safe and reliable option of herbal remedies for asthma for pre-teens.

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