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Sexual Wellness

Shop Ayurvedic Products Online for Sexual Wellness

The three pillars essential for healthy human life are food,sleep and sex. Ayurveda gives importance to sex as to food and sleep. Sex is a integral part of our lifestyle. Sexual health is a state of physical and social well being. In todays fast life we suffers major sexual problem which affects on our mental, physical & social states. Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual problem among men. This occurs in most men at some time or other, but is often found in very young men and can have a demoralising effect on both partners. Ashwagandha ,jatifal kaunch, talamkhama are good herbs for this. The health benefits of sex can be achieved by having proper and disciplined sexual intercourse and this can be achieved by following ayurveda. Amla is considered a potent aphrodisiac herb. It also increases the sperm quality and quantity. Kapikachu is an important herb to increase the vigor and qualities of semen. The stress, tension and fast paced lifestyle has considerably increased the health risks. The common problem in male are low libido, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, low sperm count and low quantity of semen. Ayurveda offers effective remedies for all these conditions. Diabetes affects nerves, skin, muscles and blood circulation. This usually affects sexual life of men. The strength and stamina to perform sexual action is greatly reduced in diabetic men. Ayurveda recommends many effective herbs which help to improve sexual function and boost stamina in diabetes. These herbs not only improve general health but also help to increase sexual energy levels!

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