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Urinary & Kidney Health

Shop Ayurvedic Products Online for Urinary & Kidney Health

Ayurvedic treatments for kidney disease, kidney failure and kidney stones are far and several. If you find Pitting edema on feet,hand & ankles, low urine output, blood in urine, dark urine, tiredness,low back pain, nausea, unexplained headache, high blood pressure then these are the common signs of chronic kidney disorder. If blood investigation reveal elevated KFT (increase Creatinine level) & dialysis is everyday life then ayurveda is the best choice. Some suwarnkalpa formulations and gokshuradi guggulu have best results which Decrease creatine level & delay the dialysis period through ayurveda & increase lifespan. Hence the ayurvedic treatment also helps to control the bladder and other manifestations of kidney disorder.
Uncontrollable pain in abdomen with vomiting might sometimes be kidney stone and should not be ignored. Drugs like hajaralyahud bhasma, varun etc dissolve the stone and whash it out of the body & stop the tendency of recurrences also saving the possibility of surgery.

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