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Weight management

Shop Ayurvedic Remedies for Weight Management

In todays fast life obesity is a huge problem. Our lifestyle in today’s day and era includes fast food, not eating quality food, not having proper time schedule for eating &s leeping. Sedantary lifestyle and lack of activity is another added disadvantage. Obesity may lead to various bad effects on body. We can suffer many problems like diabetis, heart diseases at an early age. Obesity also effects our daily lifestyle. In young women obesity may leads to pcod which causes infertility in women. Due to obesity life become unpleasant, lazy. which affects our social & personal growth. Applying rules described in ayurveda an obese person should reduce their weight as well as should maintain their weight in proportion which is required according to height. Ayurvedic remedies for obesity are several like medohar guggulu, garcinia which reduce excessive body weight.

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