Management of Mukhapaka with the Application of Ashwatha Twag & Kshaudra (Honey)


Mukhapaka ( Stomatitis ) is one of the most common diseases found globally. It is found that this condition is having recurrence in nature. In the present study an effort was made to evaluate the effect of Ashwatha Twag and Kshaudra (Honey) were taken for the study. In present clinical study of 60 patients of Mukhapaka were treated with Ashwatha Twag And Kshaudra (Honey) in trial group of 30 patients and Zytee oral gel for local application as selected for control group of 30 patients. Analysis was done and Result were calculated Statistically using Wilcoxon paired signed-Rank test,significant Result were obtained on Mukhapaka.

Introduction Kaumarbhritya pioneer the branch of Ashtang Ayurved has its own dynamic features as per its practical significance to maintain child health. It governs the subject matter forms to the birth child, child nutrition, child growth & development, prevention and cure of diseases in detail.

Mukhapaka is a common and simple childhood problem seen form neonatal period to entire child life. It is seen due to improper handling and oral clearance of mucous by mouth or dhai’s with dirty clothes causes candida oral thrush in neonatal period, vitamins, iron deficiency, viral infections during childhood. Ayurvedic classics has emphasized the disease under Mukhapaka as follows. It is seen with its appearance with doshik predominance as vata, pitta, kafa and rakta, which is considered as four varieties. The common features of all varieties is that child has reluctance to take food, excessive salivation, pain in oral cavity.

picture-86-herpes_stomatitisMukhapaka described in Ayurved can be compared with Stomatitis found in modern pediatrics. Stomatitis is an inflammation in the mouth. It can disrupt a childs ability to eat, talk and sleep. Stomatitis can occur anywhere in the mouth including the inside of the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips and palate with or without ulceration. It occurs due to vit B12 deficiency, folate deficiency, leukemia, inflammatory bowel disease, stress, illness, dietary triggers, nutritional deficiency, poor hygine etc. In this connection one simple to prepare easily available low cost herbal remedy described in Ayurvedic tests has taken for clinical trial to manage Mukhapaka condition is Ashwatha twag and kshaudra (honey) in children. The drug may be very much helpful to break pathogenesis with relief of sign & symptom gradually preventing complications. In the classical reference Ashwatha and kshaudra (honey) drugs are mentioned for its effectiveness on Mukhapaka and which is very easily available.



“To study Mukhapaka (Stomatitis) with the oral application of Ashwatha twag with kshaudra (honey)”



  1. To study the etiopathogenesis of Mukhapaka according to Ayurvedic views in children.
  2. To study the effect of Ashwathatwag and kshaudra (honey) on Mukhapaka in children.


Drug : – Ashwathatwag and kshaudra (honey)

Yoga – Ashwathatwag with Kshaudra (honey)

Duration – 10 Days

Root of administration – Oral application

Matra – 1-3 gm 3 times a day

Kal – Praghbhakt (Before meal)


Mode of Action Drug

The mode of action can be summarized as ”relief of sign and symptoms promoting” considering ayurveda .


Active Ingredients

The primary active ingredients in Ashwatha – Bergaptol ,Bergapten and Tannic Acid



Ashwathatwag with Kshaudra (honey) show significant result. The effect of Ashwathatwag with Kshaudra (honey) appeared to have several important properties that make it ideal as a relief sign and symptoms of mukhapaka . Ashwathatwag with Kshaudra (honey) is easily available in ayurvedic pharmacies. Therefore the drug is beneficial for rapid and quality of mukhapaka.


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