Role of Dravya Dravyas in Sneha Kalpana

*Dr. Jyotsna M. Taklikar- Guide & H.O.D * Dr. Amrapali Shamrao Kamble

* Loknete Rajarambapu Patil Ayurvedic Medical Collage, Sangli.



Sneha kalpana is defined as process where various things like sneha, kalka,kwath,ksheer and gandha dravyas are employed for the preparation of oleaginous medicaments (oil/ghee)

Where sneha paka needs to be performed with anyone of the milk, curd, meat soup and butter milk then kalka should be taken eight part of sneha in this condition process of pharmaceutical cooking should be done properly enabling sneha to associate the extract of kalka fully. Simultaneously water should be taken four times of sneha in the process of paka in order to prepare to sneha yog. There are certain recipes which prescribe use of juice, milk and curd only and do not refer to water even in that condition one should involve water otherwise the properties of kalka may not associate with the medicated ghritam or oil – one should add water measuring four times to the oil involved. As a matter of fact without water, even the cooking of kalka as well as oil is not done properly so use of water measuring four times is essential. ‘Sneha kalpana’ is a pharmaceutical procedure to prepare oleaginous medicine from substances like kalka (bolus of the drugs) and dravya (liquid material). They are prepared in specific proportions by subjecting them to uniform heating pattern and duration to fulfill certain pharmaceutical parameters as per the requirement of the therapeutics.


Keywords- paka, bhruhan, mastu, kalka


Materials and Methods

Kalka dravyas + oil/ghrita + water (different dravya dravyas) For examples of sneha prepared in different dravyas

  1. In water – pippalyadi ghritam
  2. In milk-kshirshatpal ghritam
  3. In kwath – dashmulstapalam ghritam
  4. In kanji – angarak tailam, lakshadi tailam
  5. In dadhi, mastu – bruhalakshadi tailam
  6. In takra – satakatvara tailam


Guna (properties) of that dravya medias in preparation of sneha paka


Cow milk

Screen shot 2017-02-14 at 5.54.08 PM


Cow milk has ten properties viz,

Swadu – Sweetness,

Sheeta – cold

Mrudu – soft

Snigdha – unctuous, oily

Bahala – density, thick

Shlakshna – smoothness,

Picchila – sliminess, stickiness

Guru – heavy


Prasanna – calming, clarity



Screen shot 2017-02-14 at 5.54.58 PM

Rochana – improves taste, appetizer

Deepana – improves digestion strength

Vrushya – aphrodisiac

Snehana- imparts oiliness

Balavardhana – improves strength and immunity

Amla Vipaka -Sour taste conversion after digestion

Ushna – hot

Vataghna – Balances

Vata Mangalya – auspicious

Brumhan – improves nourishment

Laghu – easy to digest

Kashaya, amla – sour, astringent,

Deepana – improves digestion strength

Kaphavatjit – balances


Kapha and Vata Mastu – Supernatent liquid of curds (whey/watery part of curds) :-

Screen shot 2017-02-14 at 5.55.31 PM

Mastu is similar to buttermilk. It is Sara – promotes movement of fluids inside body channels

Srotashodhi – cleanses body channels

Vishtambhajit- relieves constipation

Laghu – easy to digest


Taila Varga – (group of oils and other fats) :-

Oils are generally similar to their source (oil seed). Sesame oil is the most important among all oils.


Sesame oil:

Tvak doshanut – cleanses and detoxifies skin

Chakshushya – good for eyes

Sukshma – pierces into deep tissues

Ushna – hot, balances Kapha useful for both obese and emaciated people.

Useful to relieve constipation and worm infestation. When it is processed with other herbs, it is very beneficial in various diseases



Action of specific dravyas depends on guna of that dravya, hence according to use of kalpa in disease condition the dravya dravyas are used, so that their quality of action will increase and effective result will get to us.


For example –

  • for bhruhan karma sneha is prepare in dugdh (milk)
  • In manskshya sneha is prepare in mans ras.
  • In digestion problem sneha is prepare in mastu
  • In kapha and vat disease sneha is prepare in dadhi (curd)



  • Bhaishajya ratnavali
  • Chakradatta
  • Bhaishajya kalpana vldnyan
  • Charak samhita
  • Sharangdhar samhita
  • Ashtang sanghraha
  • Sushruta samhita







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