Winning oversleep naturally

                                 Winning oversleep naturally


            Sleep is an important and complex biological process. Which helps in learning ,memory processing, cellular repair and brain development. It also a times for essential housekeeping function to occurs in the brain because brain lacks lymphatic system and depends on the interstitial space and the  CSF to remove waste and toxic metabolites secreted and flushed back into the blood at the meningis.Research said that in the waking mouse brain the interstitial space constitute 14% of total brain volume, during sleep this space increases to 23%(by 60%).This increase in the space is accompanied by a striking increase in CSF flow and consequent clearance of brain metabolites produced by neural activities which leads to restoration of its function. It is also hypothesized that the accumulation of these metabolites in the constricted interstitial space during wakefulness drives the switch to a sleep state. Hormone melatonin plays a important role in circadian regulation and modulating insulin secretion through several secondary messengers and through cell stimulation. So melatonin act as a mediator between the central circadian regulation and peripheral metabolism. Behavior may over ride physiological control mechanism resulting in alteration of sleep duration and quality especially  in these modern era electronic gadgets are affecting  sleeping pattern of the people.Experimental and epidemiological data linked insufficient sleep and duration, abnormal sleep timing and poor sleep quality to insulin resistance and increase risk of obesity and diabetes.As our Acharyas said that:स्वप्नाहारसमुत्थे च स्थौल्यकार्श्ये विशेषतः||५१||

            Normal healthy sleep for adults between the age 18-64yrs  is 7 to 9 hours.Oversleeping is the condition where person sleep more than 10-15hrs and which causes people to suffer from extreme sleepiness   whole day. Nearly  2% of our population suffer from oversleep since childhood where as 15% among  depressed patient always suffer from oversleep.21% of oversleeping patient  has a risk of developing obesity. Just like a lack of sleep, too much sleep affects the circadian rhythm of our body.

Main causes for oversleep are:-

1) Lack of sleep : It may be due to heavy work load, smart phone etc.

2) Disturbance in sleeping schedule.

3) Mental conditions like anxiety,depression.

4) Physical illness.

5) Hormonal changes due to underline pathology.

 Oversleep is now a burning issue mainly in students where they unable to concentrate on lecture and affect learning capacity.

Current available treatment modalities are counseling, lifestyle modifications, medications for underlined pathology.

Win oversleep naturally by adopting following simple principles

1)  Ayurvedic  classics says that nidra is induced by  tamoguna  and wakefulness is due to satva guna.Atinidra is due to increase in tama guna which  blocks  सञ्ज्ञावहानि स्रोतांसि  leading  to sleepiness in day as well as night. So following   satvik Ahaara and vihaara can help to avoid oversleep.

2) When we go through process of nidra  according to charaka Acharya:

When  मन become  निष्क्रिय =)  इन्द्रियाणि become क्रियारहिता =) non perception of senses  leading to nidra . So to break this cycle  in oversleep one should involve   in

  1. a) कार्य(busy in doing any  works) and मनोव्याकुलन (keeping mind always engaged in some tasks) because “कार्यमिति कार्यासक्तो न निद्रां याति” as said by chakrapaani,it  means by involving in work will  prevent sleepiness.
  2. b) व्यायाम: involving in physical exercises.

c)असुखा शय्या : Sleeping over  improper bed.

  1. d) तमोजयः:winning drowsiness etc by involving in stimulant activities like भय, चिन्ता, क्रोध.

Here भय can be taken as developing some fear  towards teachers  at least  during classes.

  1. e) सत्त्वौदार्यं: Developing positive attitude and increasing सत्त्व
  2. f) Avoiding pleasant smells,sounds like songs etc.

3) Doing उपवास : Fasting helps in expelling out toxins accumulated in the body which are main cause for inducing sleep.

4) Avoiding excess body massages, head massage etc.

5) Avoid excess intake of milk, alcohol, oilly products.

6) Daily practicing yoga.

Conclusion :

1) Ayurveda gives more important to sleep by considering  it one among  trayopasthambha means, 3 pillars of over body,without these healthy life will not be achieved.

2)  निद्रायत्तं सुखं दुःखं पुष्टिः कार्श्यं बलाबलम्| 

        वृषता क्लीबता ज्ञानमज्ञानं जीवितं  च||३६|| “,21

It says that sleep only the  responsible  thing for all these happiness, strength, weakness, fertility,   finally for life and death.

So to have a good healthy life with charming beauty one should maintain their sleep cycle properly by following all daily regime, seasonal regimens,night regimens and good code of conduct.

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