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“Created with a Vision to develop pure, honest formulations- enriched with beneficial actives than nasty additives”

Cureveda is born from the marriage between traditional Indian science of ayurveda and modern dietary supplements to create premium thereaupetics. Our founder couple- one the heir to 100 year old legacy ayurveda brand Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan and other with the vastness of knowledge gathered promoting the worlds leading dietary supplements like Nature’s Bounty- were driven by their passion to create pure formulas which deliver results.

Indian religions discuss “The Circle of Life” or “Samsara” which engulfs our every day existence and Ayurveda- “The science of Life” details the three Doshas: Vata – Pitta – Kapha; which circulate in the body and whose imbalance manifests health issues. The ever spinning wheel of life is a constant that embraces our range of supplements, formed by the perfectly placed triangles which assert our promise of restoring physical and mental health by balancing the Tridoshas.

“Premium range of Herbal, Organic & Nutraceutical Remedies from Pioneers in supplements & herbal medicines since 1917. 

Cureveda’s innovative formulations use widely researched ingredients, supported by knowledge and established trust which Baidyanath- pioneers in herbal formulations, has accumulated since 1917. Clinical data via our Research Foundation and a team of stalwarts with collective experience of over 200 years have prioritized Dosage, Efficacy and Safety to create unrivalled formulations. Curevedas herbal remedies are manufactured in Baidyanath’s GMP & ISO certified manufacturing units using only plant based ingredients. Our organic remedies are focussed to encourage sustainable farming practises and create purest indigenous products. Our entire product range is 100% Vegetarian, Paraben Free, Gluten Free and meets International standards of metal toxicity.


“Make in India: Proud of our heritage, traditional sciences and knowledge of herbs for over 5000 years” 

The brand embraces the colours of the Indian flag to highlight our proud heritage and knowledge of herb and medicinal plants like no other nation – a science that has been home to the subcontinent for over 5000 years. The ingredients cultivated across the diaspora of our nation have been used by sages since ancient times and today pique Western interests. Spices and herbs are familiar to the lives of every Indian home and our knowledge of their use is documented from scriptures to scientific texts. The Indian traditional medicine text Charaka Samhita was drafted centuries before the birth of Hippocrates and contains around 35,000 unique therapies studied for mode of action and results!